A SAFETY initiative to alert south Cumbria visitors and residents alike to the potential danger posed by ticks has been launched by an exercise and wellbeing organisation in the area.

The Jogging Pals organisation, led by Wayne Singleton, has teamed up with charity Caudwell Lyme to issue alerts and provide advice concerning tick bites and Lyme disease to those walking and running in the south Cumbria countryside.

Lyme disease is an infection spread by tick bites that attacks the nerves, brain, heart, joints, and eyes. The condition can also result in skin rashes.

It is thought that at least 8,000 new cases occur each year in the UK. And, in a third of cases, people never fully recover.

Mr Singleton says he has been bitten by ticks almost two dozen times this year.

“We are aware of the dangers if ticks are not removed quickly, so we enlisted the help of the team at Caudwell,” he said.

“We decided the best way to educate and inform was with a Zoom session which we now have made available on YouTube to help runners and walkers everywhere.

“Anyone who walks or runs in the countryside, especially where there’s long grass or bracken, needs to be aware.”