A KINDHEARTED karate instructor and two of her students are aiming to start a self-defence class in a bid to raise confidence levels and to help others feel safe.

Lauren Smith, a coach at Barrow Karate Club, has announced plans for self-defence classes in the area once government measures allow them, in response to claims of an alleged grooming gang operating in the town.

In a time of heightened awareness surrounding sexual abuse, the karate club would like to offer a safe place for anyone who is interested in learning potentially life-saving skills in a more relaxed environment than would typically be expected at a karate class.

“It will be a bit of a self defence, mixed with fitness and fun class, rather than a more traditional one," said Lauren.

“It wont be as serious, so there will be no gradings and no white suits!

“It will all be about morale and confidence boosting.

“No experience is necessary to be able to join in with the classes, and you won’t have to ‘fight’ with each other in them either.”

The sessions will be delivered by fully qualified and DBS checked members of the club.

Lauren, who will be instructing the sessions, will be supported by two of Barrow Karate Club’s senior grades and caring teenagers, Tamzin Logan and Ellie McAlinden.

To apply please contact Lauren Smith on Facebook.