I HAVE had a couple of calls this week with representatives from the RFL around how we can get the game to restart.

I am sure we have all seen the quality in the NRL this weekend and that has only further wetted our appetite.

The rugby league has representation on a government committee to try to make a case for socially distanced crowds to return especially for sport at a lower level without full houses.

We want to ensure the safety of all spectators and this should only happen when time is right.

The government have a fear with big crowds that there is a lot of use of public transport and fans all arriving at the same time.

Clearly though rugby league isn’t the premier league and there won’t be thousands travelling to the game on a packed tube train.

Our main challenges will be around people arriving and leaving the venue and ensuring social distance.

It may be that we must partition the ground and use our online ticketing to ensure entry.

Pubs, restaurants and cinemas are currently destined to reopen on the July 4, and we will be pushing that rugby league crowds aren’t too far behind.

You may have seen on social media that we see our facility as a massive opportunity in terms of pubs reopening.

Our intention is that we use our pitch as the biggest beer garden in Barrow.

We intend to have table service; card payments and the outdoor space can ensure social distancing.

We have lost a lot of income over the last few months, but the board have been very inventive in filling the gaps.

We have brought a new catering company to make use of the facilities in the ground and Lincoln’s Burgers has already had some massive local impact.This is providing another income stream for the club.

I have said in the previous articles that we have taken back ownership of the Hindpool Road advertising boards and we are already getting a great response from local businesses wanting to advertise.

Our ultimate plan is that we go digital and planning permission has been sought but we are now also considering a major purchase of a digital screen to make use of events on the pitch. How about watching premier league football or bring a picnic and watch a movie? Or better still if we are forced to play behind closed doors at a neutral venue then what about our matches streamed to the pitch?

The supporters trust has also been chipping in with online half time draws and have previously garnered great support for a 200 club.

There is an incredibly good feeling in the boardroom about how we have handled the COVID-19 situation and long term I think the club is ready to go to the next level in terms of income generation.

The only frustration now is that we cannot get the players back on the field and for the club to translate that progress to the pitch.