CHAMPION boxer Liam Conroy has adapted his training regime to keep fit and healthy in preparation for when he is eventually able to return to the ring.

The 27-year-old’s professional career is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, with his last scheduled fight postponed as the UK went into lockdown in March.

Under normal circumstances Conroy would be making regular journeys up and down the M6 to work with trainer Johnney Roye at the MTK Global base in Preston.

Instead, the BAE Systems Submarines mechanical designer has been training alone – although he is in regular contact with Roye, and is also receiving support from Matty Green, of Dalton-based Cumbria Strength and Conditioning.

“This situation has massively affected my training,” said the former English light-heavyweight champion.

“Obviously I can’t go driving down the M6 to our gym in Preston, so I have had to do all my training on my own at home.

“Johnney checks in with me every few days and we talk about the things I have been doing training wise, and he will tell me some things he would like me to practise.

“It’s important I keep the things we worked on in the last training camp sharp as they were going to be used in our game plans for the Golden Contract semi-final.

“Luckily, as soon as the lockdown was announced I ordered a punch bag online so I can work on that most days. I also have a few kettlebells for some strength work.

“I’ve enjoyed trying to get creative with ways I can stay in shape with no gym. It has made me focus on some things that I haven’t done for a while, like doing long runs which I was a big fan of when I was a bit younger (and lighter).

“Luckily we have had some good weather in the last few weeks so I have been enjoying a nice long run.”

Conroy has recently returned to work at Barrow shipyard, but while he was in lockdown he discovered a new back-garden training partner in the shape of his and partner Mel’s young son Rauri.

“He’s at a really funny age now as he can run around and he wants to explore everything,” said Conroy of his 20-month old boy.

“When I’m training he likes to come over and have a nosey and have a little go on the bag before he gets bored and runs off to do something else. He definitely kept us on our toes during lockdown. He has a first pair of boxing gloves but also a rugby ball and football to keep him entertained, but he prefers to try and chase our dog round and pull her fur out.”