BARROW rugby league players have been running for 48 hours to help raise money to change a boy’s life.

Raiders Shane Toal, Ryan Johnston, Brett Carter, and Whitehaven player James Newton completed a 48-mile run over the weekend raising more than £6000 for 11-year-old Jack Bennett.

Jack was diagnosed with a severe form of cerebral palsy and epilepsy before he turned one year old.

Friends and family members wanted to raise the money for a new wheelchair for Jack.

The club members took up the challenge of running for four miles at a time - including one stage in superhero fancy dress.

They crossed the 48-mile point at midnight on Sunday.

Shane Toal, Barrow winger, said: “My girlfriend is friends with Jack’s brother and I got interested in doing a challenge to help him raise the money.

“Me and a few others were up for doing it.

“We started planning it a couple of weeks ago and with a few of us not being in work now we were able to act quite fast.

“We put the JustGiving up for about a week and let the money rise, then we started on Saturday.

“The aim was to run four miles at a time, so every hour on the hour.

“We put a post out on social media to see if anyone had any outfits we could borrow.

“People were more than willing to help.

“This made me feel so proud.

“I will be even more proud when he gets his wheelchair as well.”

Scrum half Ryan Johnston said: “In the rugby team, we know Jack through friends.

“We looked to do a good challenge and thought this was a great cause.

“We started at 4am on Saturday and finished at midnight on Sunday.

“We ran over a few places but tried to avoid concrete areas because it is easier on the joints.

“It was really fun doing the superhero fancy dress run as well.

“That was a bit of a highlight.

“The whole thing took us about 48 hours. Thirty to 40 minutes per run roughly - every four hours apart. It was really tough but it was really worth it.”

Two more players are expected to complete the challenge in the coming week to support Jack and his family.

Jack has lived with the condition his whole life and his family were told by doctors he would not be able to walk or talk on his own.

Barrow businesses have also added to the fundraising campaign.

To support and to donate towards Jack’s wheelchair fund please visit