The new National Counties Cricket Association, which includes Cumberland in its number, has appointed an interim board of directors to guide the organisation through its first year.

The NCCA formally succeeded the Minor Counties Cricket Association on November 1 last year when it assumed responsibility for organising county cricket immediately below first-class level.

Richard Logan, the former Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire pace bowler, has been appointed the NCCA’s part-time general manager with a board of directors replacing the Minor Counties’ management committee.

The first two directors appointed were NCCA chairman and former Staffordshire captain Nick Archer and Lincolnshire’s Chris Farmer, the former Minor Counties treasurer, as finance director.

The aim is that Archer and Farmer will be joined by six more directors – a yet-to-be-appointed Director of Cricket, an Operations Director (Logan) and four more by the annual meeting on February 1 next year.

In the meantime an interim board of directors comprising Archer, Farmer, former Suffolk captain Phil Caley (appointed interim director of cricket), Logan and Toby Pound (Suffolk), Kevin Beaumont (Buckinghamshire), Anita George (Cornwall) and Neil Gamble (Devon) has been formed with responsibility for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

The 20 National Counties will form a new members’ forum which will meet at least three times a year.

“Our aim is to get a fully constituted and properly run board by February 1 2021,” said Archer.

“Instead of a general committee we will have a members’ forum, which is the 20 National Counties which will act as the checker and challenger of the board.

“We are going to set up a nominations committee, probably the chairman, a director and a member nominated by the forum. That will consider and do some head-hunting for new directors.”

Caley will chair the NCCA cricket committee which also includes Archer, Logan and former Somerset batsman Iain Fletcher (Hertfordshire).

All of the NCCA member counties are also being encouraged to review their own governance structures and to attain the ECB’s Governance Bronze Standard.

The NCCA hope to achieve the Silver Standard with its governance structure.