In covering Amateur rugby league for the Mail for 47 years, the game has never been forced to halt like the present day.

Yes, in all those years, games have been forced to not take place, but only for reasons due to bad weather or teams failing to raise enough players.

The bad weather being that until summer rugby came into force a few years back it was played in winter months and games could be called off for a matter of weeks.

Tomorrow, I was due to visit Brisbane Park to cover Hindpool Tigers' home game with Langworthy Reds in Division Two of the NWML.

With no games to preview I took the opportunity to have a chat with the Hindpool coach and club stalwart Phil Cubiss.

Back in the fold after a year off, Cubiss spoke about the task of keeping his players fit and not getting over-bored with the view of losing interest.

The one-club man Cubiss said: "It is going to be what could be a difficult few weeks, we like other sports have been hit by the virus forcing the game to be put on hold. You can't have players mixing and possibly taking back the virus to their families, that would be unacceptable.

"All training in groups has been stopped, but we have told the lads to keep fit by working out at home or go to the gym which many are still operating.

"Obviously the lads are gutted they can't play, we are only just into the start of the season not like rugby union and soccer who play in the winter months.

"I have told them to go on runs around the streets to keep their stamina up and try their hardest to keep fit."

The Tigers run several mini rugby teams from the age of six to 15 and these kids will miss games as well. They all look forward to the weekend but will have to put it on a back burner until the all-clear comes.

Cubiss said: "The most important thing for the lads is to keep their spirits up, which is difficult, but we have to go with it and hopefully we will soon come through the worst.

"You have got to make the best out of a bad situation. We have to follow guidelines and be sensible and see what happens in the coming days.

"I'm not sure we can get playing again by next weekend, maybe the season will have to be extended, possibly into November, if that is the case."