Should the National League season be extended into the summer due to the coronavirus outbreak, that would present its own problems to clubs like Barrow AFC when it comes to players’ contracts.

With six games in English football’s fifth tier being postponed last weekend due to the pandemic, the league finally fell in line with other competitions and suspended the campaign until April 3 yesterday.

That only increases the uncertainty over how they will finish the season and if it is to be played to a conclusion when they eventually resume, that would likely mean having to schedule matches in June.

This would put clubs in a position where they’d suddenly have to extend deals with players they may not have retained otherwise.

Manager Ian Evatt said: “I just don’t know, moving forwards, when we’re going to play again or what’s going to happen.

“There’s so many things to consider, especially in the National League. A lot of players’ contracts run out in the first week of May, so what happens then if we’re delaying the league to play it longer?

“I’m reading things that the peak of this isn’t going to be for 10-12 weeks and that more or less takes us up to June, so how are you going to finish the season then?

"How are you going to train to keep them ready in June? I honestly don’t understand what is going to happen.”