Roose Cons pair Peter Roberts and Mike Irving took the Barrow Friday League welch don title after beating the British Legion's Steve Hetherington and Tony Macmillan in straight games in the final.

The first pitch going to Mike and proved to be positive, as the pair took a 13-point lead and they continued to double their score to 56-18 on Hetherington’s pitch with him not having been dealt any good cards.

The Roose pair stormed ahead in the third pitch ,taking 17 points in the first four cards played, the Legion pair not getting any scoring cards at all. This continued until the end of the game, with Irving and Roberts winning 120-42.

The second game went much the same as the first the Roose pair stormed 41-0 up in the first pitch, with 19 points gained in the first hand played. They then went 57 points clear on Macmillan’s pitch at 72-15.

Hetherington made a late comeback to take them nearly up to the top of the scoreboard but Irving and Roberts had more better cards to take the game 120-52, and give Roberts his third title in five years.

Roberts also appeared in the cribbage final alongside Eric Salton as they came up against David Holmes and Alan Edwards from Vickerstown Cricket Club.

In the first game, Salton won the pitch but their opponents raced into a 12-point lead and Edwards and Holmes stormed up the board to go 45 points clear before the Cricketers pair continued up the board to eventually win 120-62.

The second game saw Roberts take the lead on his pitch and go 17 points clear on the second. The cards then changed in favour of the Vickerstown pair, increasing their lead with each card played, eventually winning 120 -102 and retaining their crown.