The Roose Community Club Over-55s Round Robin competition takes place tomorrow, with 30 pairs taking part.

The report times are as follows

9.30am: P Bain & S Jefferies, S Buckley & partner, A Fearn & partner, R & N Nicholson, P & G Caine, P Sharp & partner, E Carton & P Heron, A Wilson & E Wood, E Latimer & A Slater, A Pettinger & M Speed, D Lackey & A Kidney, M Procter & partner, T Chissim & B Taylor, S & M Burns, Y Clark & A Morrison, H & N Whitehouse, J Crabtree & C Corkill, O Fry& B Ducie, P Ellis & J Strefford, P & C Kelly.

10:30am: J & D Staunton, B Ashworth & D Yates, J & A Postlethwaite, P King& C Burton, J Roskell & partner, I Murray & D Riley, E Ryland & A Hamilton, P Graham & D Poole, V Shepherd & partner, G Waterworth & partner.

Meanwhile, the 20th annual Joe Wardman Trophy takes place on Sunday at the Salthouse Bowling Club. The competition is open to all junior crown green bowlers (male or female) in the Furness area, who are aged 18 or under on the competition's date.

If you have not already entered, please contact Ken Howarth on 07748 827311 or Joe Wardman on 07946 681392. There is no entry fee and entries will be taken until 11am on the morning of the competition, after which the draw will be made.

Refreshments are available and the competition commences at 11:15am.