The Walney Park Open Pairs competition takes place on Sunday, with 31 partnerships currently scheduled for the comptition.

The report times are as follows.

9:30am: Alan Birkett & partner, Dave Dickinson & partner, Leo Clarke & partner, Paul Hewitson & Peter McDonald, Darren Mountford & Dave Thompson, Steve Knott & partner, Ronnie Walmsley & Peter Jeffries, Ian Worthington & partner.

10:15am: Keith Clarke & Harry Dagger, Mike Fieldhouse & partner, Ian France Snr & Paul Kissock, Chris Irvine & Zach Walker, Ian Parkinson & partner, Danny Rogers & partner, Ryan Smith & partner, John Stewart & partner.

11am: Moz Edmonds & partner, John Howard & Jeff McDougal, Kenny Judge & Geoff Maudsley, Barry Lowden & partner, Luke Moxham & partner, Kristian Ogilvie & Kevin Dixon, Tommy Richardson & partner, Colin & Brian White.

11:45am: Liam Howard & Stuart Turnbull, Ronnie May & partner, Noel McAlley & partner, Glynis McDonald & partner, Andy & Billy Thornton, John & Callum Sharples, Derek Bell & partner.

Meanwhile, entries for the Schofield Construction Open Pairs to be played at Hawcoat Park on Sunday, September 15 can be made to Bob Stewart on 01229 828967 or via