The Cumbria Ladies county bowling team have a crucial match in their season on Sunday when they face Lancashire at Askam on Sunday.

Cumbria must win this fixture to remain in Division Four of the Ladies County Championship. The games for this encounter are as follows.

1. Caroline Bushell v Lyn Higson, 2. Marian Alexander v Margaret Curwin, 3. Glenis McDonald v Denise Bright, 4. Sandra Rigg v Josie Smith, 5. Gill Corran v Bev Sumner, 6. Ella Johnson v Christine McManus, 8. Wendy Holmes v Suzanne Jankowski, 8. Lorna Rigg v Joanne Haslam, 9. Marion Woods v Gill Nelson, 10. Debbie Hall v Sharan Rigden, 11. Emma Thornton v Dawn Benn

Meanwhile, the Salthouse Over-60s Open Pairs competition, sponsored by Sears Heating & Plumbing, will be taking place tomorrow and the report times are as follows.

9:15am: Kenny Judge & Eddie Gowron, Ron Crompton & Les Douglas, John Heads & Mick Jones, Tommy Elliott & Peter Minnis, Sandra & Peter Jeffries, Mike Fieldhouse & partner, Jeff Hinde & James Jackson, Derek Bell & partner, Jeff McDougal & partner, Wendy Holmes & Jenny Dyer.

10am: John Taylor & Ken Howarth, John Howard & Ian Fairclough, Mike Askew & partner, Phil Kelly & partner, Alan Haines & Dave Bell, Derek & Margaret Leech, Joe Wardman & Chris Lloyd, Stella Buckley & Ann Fearn, Glenis McDonald & partner, Ron Kitchin & Peter Richards.

10:45am: Ron & Marian Woods, Geoff Leatherland & partner, Ann France & Maureen Ratcliffe, Ray Smith & Ron Rhodes, Stuart Worthington & John Kirk, Dave Jackson & John Proudfoot, Tommy Benson & partner, Ronnie Walmsley & Paul Denness.

11:15am: Joe McDonald & Steve Atkinson, Bob Parkinson & Ken Knowles, John Mason & Stan Edmondson, Bill Thompson & Allan Asbury.