Lower Holker Bowling Club will be hosting their annual Open Doubles competition next Sunday and the report times are as follows.


Ian Harrison, Barry Lamb, Rupert Unsworth & partner, Chris Wyatt & partner, Thelma McBratney, Bill Wilson, Angela Athersmith & partner, Dave Slater & partner, Kriss Ogilvie & partner, Barry Minshell & partner, Ian Parkinson & partner, Allan Oldcorn & partner, Alan Salisbury, Dave McRoy, Dave Dickinson & partner.


P Crossland, B Newby, A Metcalfe & partner, Bob Curry, Sandra Curry, Alan Curwen & partner.


D Thornborrow & partner, A Procter & partner, Sue Wareing & partner, Ron Wareing & partner, Chris Wear & partner, Ron Tattersall & partner.

The tournament was won last year by Dave Dickinson and Alf Moore, after they defeated Billy Wilson and Thelma McBratley in what was a high-quality final and the former duo is back next weekend to defend the title.

Lower Holker will be hoping they have as close a finish as they did in 2018, where Lindal duo Dickinson and Moore eventually got themselves over the line in a nip-and-tuck final in which both pairs produced some excellent bowls in the sunshine.