Walney Park will be hosting the 2019 Lawson Trophy competition this Sunday.

In what is one of the big dates in the Furness and District Bowling League season, bowlers from 42 different teams will be competing for the trophy, which was won last year by Dalton CC’s Gareth Jones.

The report times for the competition are as follows.

9:30am: Dalton CC A, Salthouse, West Shore, Police A, Post Office, Co-op SC, Red River A, Askam, Lindal, Glaxo SC, Hawcoat Park A, West Mount A, Roose Community B, Co-op SC B, King Alfred A and Salthouse B.

10:30am: Barrow Island A, Red River, Walney Park B, North Scale, Roose Community, Hawcoat Park C, Walney Park, Walney Park A and King Alfred.

11:15am: Lindal A, Glaxo SC A, Police, West Mount, King Alfred B, Hawcoat Park, Co-op SC A and Kirkby.

12pm: Barrow Island, Roose Community A, Kirkby A, Salthouse A, West Shore A, Dalton CC, Askam A and Hawcoat Park B.

Jones defeated previous holder Mark Coulter of Red River in the final last year to claim the first of the league's three major competitions.

The league wish to make it clear that British Crown Green Bowling Association dress code applies for the competition.