There are lots and lots of phone calls and messages being sent behind the scenes, but unfortunately we are yet to announce any new signings.

With our limited budget, it is important that we get the right people to the club and just filling jerseys isn’t the right approach.

It would be criminal to waste our money on players that we know aren’t good enough just to appease certain people that we must be doing something, anything.

However, in one or two cases we are in a promising position in terms of agreeing things with both club and player. Hopefully we can get those one or two deals over the line.

The board have been trying to put structures in place to ensure the long term future and stability of the club. We appreciate that we still have a long way to go but we really feel that we would have taken off if our results had been a little better.

The second half of the season still gives us that opportunity and it is important that we don’t simply run round like headless chickens in panic mode because the results haven’t been as we would have wanted.

The board, coaching staff and players all care immensely and have a determination to put things right.

Leeds hit the panic button last year with the dismissal of Brian McDermott, despite his long term success at the club. Fast forward now and those same panicking voices are the ones saying we shouldn’t have got rid and it is now David Furner, Kevin Sinfield or Gary Hetherington’s fault. Perm any one of three and then panic again and get rid of Furner.

The truth is that in order to be successful you have to keep working hard, be true to your values in life and strive for some form of consistency that can be replicated in our sporting lives to produce results.

The boardroom are all novices to a certain degree and we won’t get everything right, but I can guarantee every single one of us are working hard to get the results. We are trying to consistently to put things in place to ensure the long term bright future for the club.

With a least three front line players returning and others having a well earned break to nurse the niggles, we are going to all be striving to make the season still a success. Stick with us and get behind the team at Blackpool, you can make a real difference.