If this column has any chance of staying interesting over a long summer, one of the keys is going to be varying the topics.

After a look at the work going on at the ground and within the club during the last edition, I thought some fans may find it interesting to hear a little more about what the Bluebirds Trust are up to in the coming months.

Firstly, there’s the 1901 Club lottery, which we established and promoted on behalf of Barrow AFC.

Most fans will know all about this initiative by now and the support so far has been really encouraging.

All proceeds from entries (once the monthly prize money is deducted) are going to Barrow AFC for use in the ongoing redevelopment of the West Terrace, to include a fan zone and refurbished disabled seating area.

Further information and an online entry form can be found at www.bluebirdstrust.co.uk/1901-2.

We’ve passed 300 entries already, which is an incredible effort by all in the fan base but the stretch target that the board set ourselves was 500.

In order to achieve that, we’re going to need friends, family and neighbours lending their support. So please help us raise awareness.

The other major ongoing project is the procurement and installation of a new Trust shop and office within the ground.

The old structure has been demolished as part of the construction works but the club were keen that we be rehoused.

It’s important to note how privileged we’ve always been to have this arrangement with Barrow AFC. Perhaps less so now that we own a stake in the club, but even before this new arrangement, successive BAFC Boards have allowed the Trust and other fan bodies to operate a shop out of the ground which generates essential revenues in order to keep us going.

Further update on the location and design of the new shop should be available in the next couple of weeks.

I may be repeating myself from previous columns, but it really is true that the summer is the busiest period for a football club.

Working from within both the club and the Trust, I see just how much activity there is on both sides as we try to ensure that we reach the new season in the best possible shape both on and off the field.

*I was amused last week by the call of Liverpool fans for a trophy for second place in the Premier League.

I can understand the desperation for a title party after 29 barren years, but I’m not sure an open top bus to proudly wave their silver medals is the most dignified way to go.

That said, I did find a grain of logic in the argument. The National League runner-up position should certainly have greater reward attached.

Unlike the Football League divisions, ours offers only a single automatic promotion place. Including the play off winner, that means only two teams every year can escape the fifth tier.

Once in the Football League, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the scale of the challenge to survive would be immense. But actually, look at the recent strong efforts of Lincoln, Tranmere and Forest Green to name but three.

The fact is that teams like Fylde and Wrexham have more money or high attendances than some of the teams perpetually propping up League Two but protected by there being ‘two worse teams’ each season.

Surely it’s time for the system to allow more teams into the Football League who aren’t content simply to exist but want to prosper. Let’s have a third promotion place.

*After much hype last week for Bluey the Bluebird’s Keswick to Barrow debut, I regret to inform that sudden illness took our mascot out of the event.

Leading vets gave a diagnosis of bird flu and prescribed bed rest. Bluey passes on his apologies and assures the public that consideration is already being given to debuting one year late in 2020’s event.

The day itself will be amply covered in The Mail all week, so all I will add is thanks to all the volunteers and staff – medical, organisers, support cars and countless others – who make it all possible.

It’s one of my favourite days of the year as well as an annual MOT, so I was disappointed not to be able to take part myself this time. If Bluey would like to give any thought to a race in next year’s event, he knows where to find me.

A final word should go to the Barrow AFC fans who took part on behalf of The Bluebirds Trust, Mind in Furness and The Brain Tumour Charity.

They were once again organised superbly by Al Boyle and cared for by his support car network. I look forward to announcing the sponsorship total in the coming weeks.