A disappointing performance against Halifax has re-emphasised the position we find ourselves in.

We were greeted by a Halifax team that clearly had a point to prove to their new coaching staff and with assistant Scott Murrell out there pulling the strings, we were clearly second best from the opening minutes to the end.

We have recognised that we need to boost the squad, but it isn't as easy to bring people in as some people may think at this stage of the season.

We have been in contact with all the Lancashire-based Super League clubs but they themselves are tending the wounds of a busy Easter campaign.

We have talked specific names at these clubs but even if the players aren't quite making the team they are one injury away, so there is a reluctance to sign up to a four-week loan period.

If we are going to take a player on a more permanent basis, we have to make sure we make the right choice. It is still a delicate balancing act juggling the finances of the club and it is still really important that we continue to maximise our income.

Continuing to support the club through the gate or through sponsorship or supporting other events the club put on is essential if we are to finance the new signings.

If we fall five per cent below our income projections, then we must re-submit our salary cap returns. This will result in our salary cap being reduced. So it is still very much in the hands of our supporters as to whether we can improve the squad.

We have a little money available with the release of Gareth Hock and from the number of wins not meeting our projections making a saving in winning pay. It would be so cruel if this surplus money was effectively taken from us due to reduced income.

No-one at the club is throwing in the towel. There is still a full half of the season to complete and everyone will be working really hard to improve our current position.

There have been some comments from some of our fans that may be seen as criticism. However, I welcome their views. If fans are making comments it is because they care.

I would be much more concerned if there were no comments. However, no matter what your views on solutions to our problems and how we are handling ourselves, I still urge you to provide the terrace support that is crucial to help us recover.

On a brighter note, our own squad may be in much healthier shape by the time of our next fixture versus Sheffield Eagles at Blackpool.

There is a strong chance that Jordan Walne, Martin Aspinwall, Jarrad Stack and Willie Minoga could all be available.

We have our fingers crossed for the diagnosis of Shane Toal's injury with a possible cartilage problem but the signing of Adam Ford could help to plug that gap.