Another defeat against Featherstone Rovers means for me that we are firmly in a relegation dogfight.

The second half performance gave rise to some optimism, but clearly results haven't been what we wanted in the first half of the season.

We are just slightly behind some of the others but those teams in this league are ruthless.

We have had our share of bad luck with injuries, but I think we now realise that in order to guarantee survival we will have to strengthen.

Paul has been told that if the right players become available then we are in the market. There has been too much good work done at the club to send us back to square one.

There is a massive disparity in funding between the Championship and League One so it is worth some sort of gamble to keep us up.

We had hoped that we were going to join the mid-table but clearly that hasn't happened.

Given that we are probably on par performance wise with Rochdale and Swinton, we still have a chance of survival with the troops we have, but I would rather be pro-active than just praying for a turnaround in fortunes.

Everyone at the club now has to work harder than ever. It is a true test of character for everyone involved about how they react when the chips are down.

For the players, it is all the little one per centers in preparation that can make all the difference.

For the board, we also must try to keep trying to promote the club, keeping the income streams coming in with extra events to supplement the rugby side and making game day an experience. so that we don't end up in a vicious circle of falling gates, falling sponsorship and then nothing left in the budget.

I still believe in the players that we have at the club. but one or two quality additions could be the spark we need.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results and we have probably reached the point where we need to give the club a boost.

Changing subject, the club gives their best wishes to Willie Minoga, who has returned home following reports that his pregnant wife has been involved in a road traffic accident.

Contrary to some rumours, I have heard he has not had his contract terminated but has been given two weeks to assess the situation.

If Willie feels that he needs to stay in Papua New Guinea with his family, then the club would support his decision but nothing has been decided at this stage.