WE probably aren't where we want to be in terms of points' accumulation at the moment as we suffered another defeat at Rochdale.

We dominated the first 30 minutes and could have put the game to bed if we had been more clinical, but we allowed Rochdale to hang in there and they took advantage of some defensive errors, a couple of times over-committing in defence and being fooled by dummies.

There is a tendency for everyone to try and work out what is wrong in these situations, but the truth is we aren't too far away. If individuals start to fix perceived problems on their own then that creates more problems than it solves. We have just got to stick together as a group and continue to work hard. There is too much talent in the squad for long term failure and we just need that confidence boost that seems to have drained since the York game.

Widnes are coming to town this week and this is a great opportunity to show how good we are, but we need the Barrow fans to come out in force as Widnes are sure to travel in big numbers. They had over 6,000 in their ground last weekend and I expect a four-figure following. When we were battling to get out of League One, playing the likes of Oxford and Hemel, we dreamt of big crowds playing full-time teams.

We need the backing of our fantastic supporters more than ever. Being a supporter isn't just about watching a winning team, but it is about supporting through thick and thin. We are on a journey together and it may not be a straight path. Sometimes we have to learn lessons on the way. This really will be a big occasion on Sunday and we need you there.

Off the field we recently launched our special edition Summer Bash kit which has a Papua New Guinea theme. We are taking pre-orders only for this kit, so you need to order in advance of the Easter deadline if you want one. They will not be sat on our shelves for purchase.

You may have seen reports of our PNG players in schools led by our community liaison officer, Siona Hartley.

All of them are doing a fantastic job getting our brand out there and providing schoolchildren with cultural education they would not have received. We have scope to add more schools to the programme, so get in touch if your school wants to take advantage.