WE asked The Mail readers for their opinions of the strikes in Barrow.

Here's what they said.

Ebbie Phillips said: "100 per cent support the strikes. They only want what they are entitled to fair pay and working conditions. About time this Government listened to them."

Charlie Dowthwaite added: "I fully support strikes that are ongoing as it is only right for workers to use their industrial muscle in support of a decent pay offer. 100 per cent solidarity."

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Jennifer Exley said: "100 per cent support from me."

Darren Gill commented: "Let's get hospitality out on strike and shut the pubs till hospitality workers get at least £15 an hour and bring wages level with others."

Christopher Wilde said: "Solidarity with all them on strike, the people have had enough."

Michael Vandom added: "100 per cent behind them," as Andy Dufrane said: "Crack on."

Andrew Mcbride commented: "I support all strikers, the Government has shown its contempt and disregard for the working class, we keep the country running, let's hit them where it hurts most, in their wallets."