READERS are disappointed after it was revealed over the last 12 months 739 patients did not attend a booked appointment with either a GP or a nurse.

The surgery claims that more than three weeks of appointment time was missed due to people not turning up for their appointments with a GP or a nurse.

The GP surgery pleaded with people to either attend their appointments or let the surgery know if they would be absent in advance so that other patients could be booked in.

On social media, Ulverston's Hoad Medical Practice hit out at patients who did not attend their appointments.

Readers took to social media to share their views

Helen Mairi Gardner said: "Maybe the practice should check up on their patients to make sure they are OK?

"Surely that would be the nicest thing to do, particularly if they have time on their hands?"

Neil Darby said: "Maybe people had to go back to work or do family ties as doctors and hospitals can never get an appointment on time, ever."

Stuart Metcalfe said: "If that's the case the people that want appointments but get told there isn't any for three or four weeks why can't the doctor's phone these people up saying we have a vacancy but no, that is too much trouble."

Nigel Assheton-Smith said: "Probably waited so long for the appointment, that they forgot about it."

Lee Thompson said: "Probably forgot they even have an appointment by the time it comes round! Or forgot they even had doctors to go to at all."

Sue Calvert said: "Unbelievable."

Janice Rita Johnson said: "Maybe a charge should be made for a missed appointment."

Jonny Falloon said: "People are cured by time appointments are available, what do they expect three weeks for an appointment is a joke."

Karl Brooks said: "Meanwhile my phone appointment with rheumatology was cancelled the day before it was due. Still waiting for a new date also work colleague took her son for an eye appointment at Kendal to be advised it was cancelled but they didn’t bother to tell her."