READERS have shared their views after a Barrow school issued a uniform update as the UK faced extreme weather conditions.

On Facebook, Furness Academy said: "Due to the weather forecast for the next couple of days there are a couple of changes regarding school uniform.

"Monday students do not need to wear their blazers or ties.

"Tuesday is a non-school uniform, further guidance will be given out tomorrow."

Cumbrians have been advised against travelling in sweltering temperatures and emergency services are on standby as the Met Office issues an Amber Weather Warning for the North West.

Darren Jefferson said: "Unbelievable! You choose to do this now, just when the kids break-up tomorrow! what about the past two-three weeks where they ain't even allowed to take their blazers off, and they have to work in inhumane conditions, that's no less torture!"

Hayley Thomson-Geldart said: "The current uniform is not for this weather. The academy have loosened the rules a little, but Bernards haven’t. Very disappointed. They’re kids, they shouldn’t be made to wear blazers in heat, it’s not normal. I don’t know why they have blazers at all in this day and age anyway. It’s just pointless."

Dawn Donnelly said: "Yes they should not have to wear blazers and ties in summer."

Jennifer Hill said: "I personally think they should of all gone in their P.E kits to be honest."

Ebbie Phillips said: "Let the kids wear cooler and comfortable clothes in this heat. No brainer really. Line up the staff and I'm sure they have jackets and cardigans off."

Naomi's Williamson-Nelson Mills said: "I think they should of been allowed to wear there pe kits the skirts are thick material they only have two days left tomorrow it’s non uniform anyway think they could of been more considerate."

Carolyn Wilson said: "I think in the summer the girls should be allowed to wear a dress and boys should be allowed to wear polo shirt with shorts in school colours."