READERS are disappointed with the council after a member of the public expressed frustration over the length of time that had elapsed since a children's play park was vandalised.

The site in Stanley Road, Barrow Island, was hit by an arson attack in May of last year. 

Pictures showed billowing smoke and fire-damaged play equipment. Barriers were subsequently erected around the park and remain in place.

A member of the public contacted The Mail to say a new park had been promised but that residents of the area 'keep getting fobbed off' by the council. 

Caitlin Ann Berry said: "When I lived round there the council told me and a group of people that if it is kept clean for a month there would be a new park, about two years later there was a new park.

"It's a shame when the council cares more about a road than a kid's park spending lots of money for a road that they will dig up in two months so the council needs to spend it on things for kids to do in Barrow."

Barrow Focus said: "The police are useless. Kids have been systematically destroying the Town Centre, they have absolutely zero motivation or will to do anything.

"I have seen one woman support a police officer. Hardly been proactive, regarding anti-social behavior. With continuous acts of mindless vandalism."

Barrow Lad said: "No end of support to the devastation caused by the Barrow Island cycle lanes."

Gladys Fripton-Smythe said: "This isn't bad planning by the council. This is local kids destroying their own community.

"You can't blame the council try looking at the families of these kids. Nobody came from Ulverston or Grange to burn a play area in Barrow Island. Local feral kids did this. Just like the shop windows in Portland walk.

"This is Barrovians turning Barrow into a slum. While the council and the police have a lot to answer for. They didn't do this someone's kids did it."

Steven Fletcher said: "I think some residents' issue is that the repairs/replacement have taken more than one year.

"A few children were likely involved. However, the overwhelming majority of residents' children don't engage in the local area in such a destructive manner."