READERS are disappointed after Barrow BID manager announced the recent installment of seagull-proof bins in town to make it a 'cleaner, nicer place to live'.

The newest change to the high street means that it now comes equipped with ‘seagull-proof’ bin flaps, which are designed to cut down rubbish on the streets.

The new bins have been in the works for years but have finally been installed – not just in the town centre, but throughout the borough.

The Mail readers took to social media to share their views on the new bins.

Steven Fleming said: "Why don’t the council just empty the bins more often instead of waiting until the rubbish is hanging out of the top of bins and accessible to the seagulls?

"If you have money to buy new bins you have money to add an extra collection/emptying day on! Will give someone an extra days wage too."

Claire Thomson said: "They should try putting them on the beach. Might reduce the amount of takeaway wrappers that are all over thanks to the seagulls pulling the bins apart every night!"

Greg Rose said: "Bringing down the rates and rents for shops would be more proactive than new bins, fill the empty shops first, then maybe the bins will be filled."

Colin Ohalloran said: "That's great for the town centre but what about the bird poo and the surrounding streets that have to put up with dirty back streets, pot holes, the none existence of the traffic wardens checking cars without permits."

Bill Murray said: "More waste of public money, people can be standing by a bin and still throw rubbish on the floor, snd what's happening to the old bins surely they could be used in other areas I'm sure."

Owner of Collectors Corner saod: "Why don't you spend the money on cctv in town, starting from abbey road looking up to McDonald's then another set looking up to the kings, and some on portland walk.

"Seagulls will find a way to get into them bins and how long will it take before there spray painted etc."