READERS are concerned after it was announced Barrow's MP wants to return the UK's first ever nuclear submarine to the town to act as a lasting tribute to the area's shipbuilding heritage. 

The Dock Museum has been earmarked as a potential location for HMS Dreadnought, the first nuclear submarine built in the shipyard between 1959 and 1960.

Simon Fell is now spearheading a campaign to bring the boat back to Barrow.

It is currently stationed at the Rosyth Dockyard in Scotland having been withdrawn from service in 1980.

The Mail readers took to Facebook to share their views.

Mark Green said: "A great plan if it can be achieved in a safe and sustainable manner."

Walney Lad said: "Not even sure if this would fit in the graving dock, it's a big lump of metal we had an O boat in the dock a few years ago, maintenance is a big issue if left in the water it was scrapped after a while never safe enough for public viewing can not see this happening.

"Would rather have had Oriana or Invincible in the town but too late now all scrapped."

Duncan Mills said: "We had a perfect museum piece for the dock museum in HMS Oynx which was already sorted internally in order to act as a floating museum, why would we want an aging toxic nuclear submarine and all the hazards associated with nuclear waste."

Jamie Park said: "We've tried that before but it ended up being towed away for scrap unfortunately."

Wallace W. Trickett said:"A shame this idea never came about when Oriana was retired ,she could have been a real highlight to the history of the town in her peaceful role and the tens of thousands who traveled on her all over the world.

"She could have also been used as floating accommodation for families awaiting a home giving employment to people as well

"Sadly we know what happened to her, UK gave away far too much of its maritime history to overseas countries."