READERS have mixed opinions after it was announced McDonald's has applied for bird spikes and netting at new site.

The £16,300 work at McDonald's in Ulverston would also see spikes installed along ledges and signage. 

The scheme has drawn criticism from the boss of a south Cumbria bird sanctuary.

Readers took to The Mail's Facebook page to share their views

Paige Robertson said: "The railway has this in Barrow and I think it’s quite nice to know you can sit outside and not get swarmed."

Lucy John said: "A lot of the back of the shops in the town centre have bird spikes and other methods of keeping birds away so it's nothing new to the town."

Jasmine Jones said: "If they keep the area clean and dispose of their rubbish well, regularly they shouldn’t have an issue.

"If the problem is the roof attracting the birds- change the roof."

Elaine Ferguson said: "That netting is cruel I've seen many birds trapped in that stuff and starve to death."

Ciara Postlethwaite said: "They need fly deterrents as well. There were hundreds the other day buzzing around the food."

Lisa-ann Rae said: "Most places have them so it's no biggy is it really."

Dervampir said: "It's a pity the same concern for birds is not shown with regards to the erection of wind turbines."

A report submitted by Ecolab says the silver-lined insulation on rooftop machinery at the site will be attractive to birds such as crows and magpies. 

It says, without preventative measures, the avians will cause damage 'leading to thousands of pounds in repairs in the long-term'.

The report says the eatery at Oubas Hill, which opened last month, will become nesting a nesting ground for scavenging birds - such as gulls and pigeons - attracted by discarded food.