READERS have said there is a 'total lack of respect' from youths as they vandalised and broke in to two former major town centre stores.

Youths were said to have broken into the former WH Smith in Barrow's Portland Walk and smashed through the entrance of the former Debenhams.

The vandals were also thought to have caused a flood having smashed their way into the store.

Pictures also showed toilet paper left on the street outside the shops.

Tracy Garnett said: "Some people have a total lack of respect for other people's property and their surroundings, it's sickening and a reflection of how fun down this town actually is."

Darren Harris said: "If the town wasn’t full of empty boarded up shops maybe these kids wouldn’t be damaging them, there’s nothing in the town for kids to do, instead of charging extortionate Barrow council maybe lower them and give businesses a chance of fill the empty buildings and then invest in thugs for the kids to do, not condoning the vandalism either, it disgusting what some of our youths are doing these days."

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John Wadsworth said: "It should really be gated and locked off in the evening if this continues. How long before there's an inferno at Debenhams and were stuck with another house of lords blot on the landscape?"

Maxthewonderdog said: "The town centre is dead, deceased etc like many other places. Accept it times have changed move on. How many attempts at regeneration have we had? Currently another £20 million about to be thrown away. As for the police they are far too busy dealing with racism and gender equality to sort out criminal damage"

Hindpool lad done good said: "The complete lack of a policing presence is a contributing factor but surely the area is covered with CCTV and footage is available showing these imbeciles carrying out this vandalism.

"Perhaps the council should put up a reward to catch them or just wait, maybe next time set it on fire and it will be another eyesore like the House of Lords which must be coming up 6 years soon."