READERS have said travelers 'are people just like us' after it was announced a group had failed to comply with a 'direction to move' order.

Members of the travelling community have been told to move after setting up an encampment off Long Croft Road in Ormsgill.

Barrow Borough Council served a 'direction to move' notice on Thursday morning with a request for the travellers to leave immediately. 

A spokeswoman said the notice was not complied with and the authority has passed a case file to its legal team to seek a removal order from the courts. 

Steven Fletcher said: "I'm hoping our council applies to draw money from the two national funds set up by the government.

"These funds are for councils to improve or create designated traveller sites. Action needs to happen that resolves the issue for local residents and the travelling community."

Kirsttlouise Gillam said: "Should give them some land where they can stay and bins. They are people just like us. And they are very polite and personally, I don't see a problem. Leave them be!

"It's not like many other people take pride in where they live with the amount of rubbish anyway. At least they are trying to make a life for themselves and their families. More than most people do anyway. It's a shame really."

Stephen Atkinson said: "They’re not doing a lot of harm guys, what’s the problem."

However, some readers disagreed.

Bill Werner said: "They don't want proper sites where will they leave all their rubbish from tarmac and tree garden work."

Elaine Ferguson said: "How much of our money does this cost every time."

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