READERS have suggested a dog park should be introduced in the area after it was revealed irresponsible pet owners in Barrow were going unpunished.

A public spaces protection order (PSPO) for the borough - introduced in 2019 - had never been used for the offences of dog-fouling and littering.

The new statistics came to light following a Freedom of Information request submitted to the borough council by The Mail.

The PSPO in place in the borough allows authorised council officers to issue fixed penalty notices of £100 for particular transgressions occurring in public places.

The order was last month extended for an additional three years.

Gheko said: "There should not have to be a specific order in force, If only the disgusting dog owners of this town would clean up after their dogs have fouled. I really do question their idea of hygiene."

Barrow Lad said: "Try monitoring Biggar Bank. 100% success guaranteed."

Stephen Snell said: "Should have a dog park but no.

"I proposed it to the council and they said they could even make money, totally ignored me."

Haslam Tyson said: "As usual our councilors claiming poverty, yet threw money at pipe dreams such as the Marina, The Bay unitary council, £2.5 millon loan not repaid for Barrow Island flats. The list goes on."

Risedale & Roosecote Fibs said: "To be fair, without enough police how are they supposed to catch and fine people?

"At the end of the day it’s the dog owners responsibility.

"Enforcement officers should be employed by the council, same as traffic wardens."

Gwen Fallon said: "There are so many dog parks in different towns, I have a friend and her dog loves the dog park where she lives."

Dave J Taylor said: "The whole Borough needs addressing with this issue not just Barrow! Our community in Dalton has been asking for enforcement of litter and Dog muck bylaws for three years. All talk no action!

"Dalton is a mess both litter and dog muck. So this is reactionary again relying on the public to report things? It's not a service that operates on the streets daily?"