READERS react to a mountaineer who ‘almost died’ of pneumonia and Covid-19 who has praised the outstanding care he received at Furness General Hospital.

Accomplished mountaineer Sion Jair, from Ulverston, offered up praise to the staff working at the Barrow hospital after becoming ‘seriously ill’ with pneumonia and coronavirus before Christmas.

The 71-year-old, fondly known as the Old Man of Coniston after scaling the peak more than 5,000 times, said he ‘did not want to come home’ following his two-week admission.

Mr Jair, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2013, said: "I was treated so well by Furness General Hospital, I didn’t want to come home."

The Mail readers were delighted to hear the hospital staff being praised and reacted on social media.

Jeannie Helling Richardson said: "So nice to see somebody praising our hospital and the amazing work the staff do.

"I hope this gentleman makes a good recovery!"

Lee Wicks said: "I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been up at fgh last 18months - I’ve received excellent treatment and I didn’t have to directly pay!

"I get sick of the slagging off fgh, tell you what the same ones will really moan if we lose it."

"I’m very protective of the NHS. It’s saved my life a fair few times ever since an accident-prone toddler. 

"What a short memory people have re: all key workers during the beginning of the pandemic. Some of the ones I saw clapping were the very ones slating the fgh. I got a few dirty looks recently when I said I didn’t do the whole clapping thing - that is untill I informed them Id recently bought nursing staff teas/coffees and boxes of chocolates. 

"I don’t normally post what I do for people on here, but I just wanted to make a point that clapping alone doesn’t improve pay or conditions. If I was prime minister I’d deffo give them a decent pay rise."

Lynn Andrew Currie said: "Excellent, our hospital never had a fault with me and my family at all, they all work so hard."

Jane Bradley said: "Lovely to hear excellent comments. I know how hard my daughter and her team work in FGH, especially during Covid."

Julie Clarke said: "Furness General Hospital saved my life 13 years ago and every time I’ve been for tests etc. We should be proud of it. You hear some horror stories of other places."