READERS are concerned after it was revealed plans to develop a new eco-village which includes up to 700 high-quality homes on a derelict site are pressing ahead.

Progress is being made to develop the former Salthouse Paper Mills in Barrow after architects and property developers paid a visit to the site on Monday.

The site was purchased by London-based property company, Hiltongrove, for £500k in 2018, with plans to turn the mills into a ‘smart industrial area aimed at businesses who need significant storage facilities’.

Alan Petty said: "The entire country needs a vast amount of housing unless you want to lock the next generation out of living in their own home, rented or otherwise.

"Ideally these should be affordable homes for people to own and live in not for buy to let vultures to exploit yet more people."

Rudes Pickering said: "I've lived in horrific rented houses for years and was only in a hospital with my five year old son last night and he now is on inhalers. 

"Damp is serious.

"Why sell council houses off when Barrows population is tripling every year and not think they need to build more social housing for Barrow residents. Because they are quick enough to make available housing for everyone else that's not from our Borough."

Elaine Ferguson said:"We need a future for the town, employment, tourism, this town will be a ghost town if we're not careful as younger people are moving away to get jobs and were ending up with a town full of contractors and somewhere to retire too."

Gillian Monney said: "Why not build 700 Council houses as affordable rent."

Haslam Tyson said: "This is not going to be affordable housing, just the same as our Council using our money (£20m) to clear the dock area for "The Marina"

"It is industrial Land with sewage works on one side. Docks on the other and Railway.

"I would rather see the docks area used for Affordable housing. but not encroach on the future industry. Once built everyone would object to an industry employing future generations.

"Sadly the Council and others just see huge profits. Not for the benefit of the residents."

FirstRiderOff said: "Just wonder how many will be affordable homes. Most developers say they will build affordable homes but end up building 5/4 bedroom "executive" homes as they know the council cannot afford to challenge the developer's London based barristers."