RESIDENTS have expressed their sadness after it was announced that a Barrow town centre charity shop will close its doors for good.

Cancer Research UK, based in Barrow's Dalton Road has spent three decades trading in the town centre.

The store originally opened its doors to customers in October 1990 and has become a staple part of the Barrow town centre.

Since it opened three decades ago, the shop has raised £1,968,146 for Cancer Research.

A spokesman for the charity thanked the people of Barrow for supporting their local charity shop, and is urging customers to visit the nearest super store which is at Hindpool Park.

Readers said that the closing of the shop was a ‘shame’.

Margaret Harrison said: “Everything is moving out of the town centres. Shame, I met some lovely people when I volunteered there and this sort of little shop keeps the shopping streets alive, heaven knows there's not much else these days...”

Steph Steffy Hill said: “Very sad - great little charity shop.”

Maggie Pease said: “Even the charity shops ate closing in Dalton Rd. So sad.”

Stephen Forbes said: “Sad news.”

Tony Smith said: “You know it’s bad when the charity shops are shutting.”

Frank Kendall said: “Sad for Barrow town centre.”

The Observer said: “But going by comments in the past Barrow is the best place in the world to live, Confusing.”

Evelyn Carter said: “Another one bites the dust.”

DaveM-22 said: “You know the town is dead when even the charity shops are closing.”

One reader said she was ‘not surprised’ by the decision.

Lisa Crook said: “Not surprised to be honest. I went in the charity shop the other day thinking I might get a bargain. They charge the same price brand new - £3 for a cup may as well go to pound shop but even that's not a quid anymore.”