READERS have had their say after parents in Cumbria were advised to take precautions as schools feel the impact of rising COVID infection rates.

The county has seen 203 schools or childcare settings reporting positive cases in the past two weeks, with eight primary schools either fully or partially closed due to the impact of the virus on staffing levels.

Children aged 0-4 years have seen the greatest proportional increase in infection rates of any age group during the last 7 days (118 per cent), with primary (41 per cent) and secondary school (52 per cent) age children also experiencing large increases.

We asked our readers if they were concerned about the rising number of covid cases.

With free COVID-19 testing ending next week, anyone needing to take a Lateral Flow test will need to buy one from a private retailer after Friday 1 April – such as a local pharmacist.

Jan Hannah said: “I am concerned for other people's health I still wear a mask in public.”

Tony Moon said: “What do you expect when people don't wear masks or social distance.”

Sue Pattinson said: “No. worked through it all and looked after people with it.”

Jan Hannah said: “I have just noted a moron, someone laughed at my concern for others. Just goes to prove there are a lot of selfish people about.”

Brian Sinclair said: “No, not interested whatsoever. Never really have been but helped looked after those who were.”

Stephen Kelland said: “No , I’ve decided that if people don’t want to take a vaccine why am I trying to protect them.”

Trev Efc Hale said: “No it’s a cold.”

Anthony Perkins said: “No. We have to get on with it. Can't keep backing off and taking kneejerk actions and responses all of the time.”

Stickinthemiddles said: “Pathetic.”

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