DOG fouling is a widespread across the Barrow area, readers feel.

Barrow council was one of many to report handing out zero fines between and including 2017 and 2021 as part of research conducted by Kennel Store.

Cllr Ann Thomson, leader of Barrow Borough Council, urged members of the public to contact the authority if they spotted people not cleaning up after their pets.

Mark Currie said: “I walked down Abbey Road yesterday and it was on every corner. Disgusting.”

Martin Murray said: “In all my life I’ve never seen one person prosecuted in Barrow yet the town is a disgrace.”

Derek Steele said: “Bring back dog licenses, £50 per dog, the councils would be able to employ more dog wardens then!”

Alex Holmes said: “It’s the bone idle lazy owners who can’t be bothered to clear up after their dog.”

John Crawford said: “Also bags of it dumped as people won't carry it and not enough bins around.”

Kenneth Clark said: “It's a problem everywhere but to be in the right place at the right time to get evidence of an owner not picking it up is not easy. As a dog owner I hate it that people do not pick up, or worse still put it in a bag and toss it away.”

Dalton said: “This needs ENFORCING. But how? is the question.”

Ex bae said: “Employ a dog warden.”

Frank Kendall said: “If you own a dog and don't pick up the mess you should be banned from having any type of pets.”