READERS react to the figures showing hundreds fewer people are working in Cumbria's care homes now than when mandatory Covid vaccines were announced for the sector.

Rules set by the Government last year stated care workers in England needed to have at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine by September 16 to continue working, and two doses by November 11.

NHS England data shows 5,264 people were working in older adult care homes across Cumbria on January 2 – the most recent date for which figures are available.

This was 272 fewer than the 5,536 recorded on July 18 – days before a 16-week “grace period” for care workers to get their first jab started.

Steven Thomason said: "If you work in the care system surely you believe in the science that supports it. If you don’t maybe it was a bad career choice after all."

Nicola Ann Johnson said: "Wait till it gets to the hospitals and the staff shortage they will have, the government needs to wake up and realise people will leave the job as they don't want the jab same as the care home sector.

"I'm all for relaxing immigration but there are people in this country who have lost their jobs why can't we help them by keeping them in the care sector the virus can still be passed on and it is the individuals choice not to have it if they catch covid they know the consequences if they don't have the vaccine as long as the elderly have been vaccinated they are protected."

Publicist said: "The jab mandate is one of the reasons the NHS is under crisis.

"Patients fit and well ready to be discharged but shortage of staff due to jab mandates now made worse with staff self isolating amounts to bed blocking in hospitals. The worse is yet to come with 73,000 NHS staff set to lose their jobs in March die to the stupid jab mandate. Anyone would think the NHS is being set up to fail by this government."

jodders3303 said: "If the care sector wanted to recruit more people pay them proper wages and give them proper T&C's.

"There's always money for profit but not for wages."