THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, am putting two brands to the test as we host a chilli-con-carne off.

I bought Asda's Smart Price chilli con carne for just 59p and next to it was Stagg Chili's classic chili con carne, and that was £1.79.

The difference between the two is £1.20, so I wanted to have a chilli-off and see if it's really worth paying the difference.

After getting the tins home the first thing to do was check the nutrition label.

Asda's Smart Price chilli con carne has 86 calories per 100g, and Stagg Chili's had 130 calories in the same amount.

The Smart Price answer to the classic dish contains 23 per cent kidney beans, 15 per cent minced beef, and 14 per cent chopped tomatoes.

Stagg Chili offered up two different types of beans, with kidney and pinto beans coming to 22 per cent, and it has a much higher amount of beef, coming in at 23 per cent.

its got kidney beans 23 per cent, minced beef 15 per cent, chopped tomatoes 14 per cent

Upon opening the tins they both had the exact same scent.

The Stagg Chili came out of the can in one solid clump, I had to use a knife to prize it out of the tin.

The cheaper one seemed to have fallen out of the tin, it was very loose.

While stirring I noticed there's a lot bigger chunks in Stagg Chili, in the Smart Price you can't really see the beef, it's all quite small.

it all comes down to mouthfeel, do you like to chew on a bit of beef or do you prefer it in smaller bits?

But it's all in the flavour isn't it, as long as it tastes good.

First up for the taste test was the Stagg Chili.

It's not bad. The beef is spongy, it's okay.

The Smart Price dish was lovely - I was absolutely blown away here!

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I prefer the Smart Price chilli con carne.

I like them both, don't get me wrong

Stagg Chili has thicker texture and a thicker mouthfeel, and the asda price one is a little bit sweeter and that's what did it for me

Heat wise you can't tell them apart.

You're paying £1.20 less for Asda Price than your Stagg Chili, and in the flavours I prefer the Asda Smart Price so that's what I would buy. It's a no brainer for me.

Asda's Smart Price is 59p, you can get three cans of that for one can of Stagg Chili.

That's my winner.

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