READERS have had their say after a full planning application for a prayer centre and community hall was submitted.

The South Lakes Islamic Centre at Dalton would function as both a place of worship and a 'community outreach facility' and would boast a roof garden 'for relaxation and reflection'.

It would be built on an area of land of around 1,000 sq metres in size at Crooklands Brow, Ulverston Road.

Outline planning permission for the site was granted in March 2020.

Robin Jameson said: "Just love reading comments from people getting triggered about a a Mosque being built, which is essentially just a church for another religion, when they were probably the ones harping on the most about 'ma freedoms and rights' when restrictions were put in place. Your belief and support for freedoms and rights only carries weight if it extends to protecting the freedoms and rights of those you disagree with, not just what you like and agree with. I'm not a Muslim, but i don't mind a Mosque being built. If we're such a tolerant and democratic society, we should act like it."

Engaltown said: "Rather than building on yet another greenfield site, was there not a brownfield site or derelict building which could have been converted in Barrow where this might have been developed?"

nosensenononsense said: "Except it isn't greenfield. A simple search of historic maps shows a range of buildings on that piece of ground. There on 1873 OS and subsequently to 1938 I assume they are related to the mines across the road. Irrespective of uses, there they are, so Brownfield it is."

Dandalton said: "Having read the original plans, this is classed as brownfield land and permission to build on it for something else was passed a few years ago. The building was never completed obviously."

Jimbo’s said: "I can see this being welcomed by the locals, in a similar way to McDonald's in Ulverston.

"Like it or not, it will happen."

Notfarwrong said: "What happened to the multi-faith centre that was initially proposed?"

Don Ron Jovi said: "Looks amazing."