READERS have had their say after the economic cost of three days of protesting by Insulate Britain has been revealed at almost £900,000.

Activists have blocked major roads and motorways since September, including the M25 and A20.

Court documents have revealed that demonstrations had an estimated cost of £883,962 over three days.

The group has received backlash for its actions while continuing to advocate for action on the insulation of Britain's homes.

Angus MeCoatup. said: "Arrogant clap trap. That's the cost for 3 days. They've been committing their crimes for a lot more days, and what about the money lost by people who actually work for a living? These people have no interest in the climate, they just want to boost their egos by causing trouble. Why stop people working, risk causing death by holding up ambulances etc etc. Protest outside Downing Street if they want, but let people travel. They do more harm than good, turning people away from their cause. And the hand wringing, pathetic "we don't want to do it, we're really sorry" cuts no ice. Time they were punished properly."

Stuckinthemiddles said: "Were you ever concerned by climate change?"

claphamomnibus said: "Let's all sit around and watch the earth's climate change so drastically it makes society as we know it impossible, because doing anything about it inconveniences some people?"

Notfarwrong said: "The cost is not just merely financial. These middle class terrorists are knowingly preventing sick people from receiving urgent medical treatment and are completely apologetic about it."