THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, decided to taste test a staple meal for Brits - the classic fish and chips.

My good lady went down to Sea Breeze Fish Bar, based at 12 Station Road in Dalton, to collect our order.

I had a normal sized portion of cod and chips which cost me £4.90.

I also got some curry sauce and some mushy peas to go with it, both costing £1 per pot.

After I plated up, the first thing I tried was the battered cod.

The fish is cooked to order and it tasted absolutely gorgeous.

What is not to love about fish and chips?

It is beautiful, it really is.

The batter was so crispy and the fish is a really good size as well.

What a great portion of food.

It was nice and crisp batter and tasty fish as well - it was delicious, it really was delicious.

This was a real treat.

Next up was the chips.

They tasted just beautiful.

The oil that they were cooked in was so tasty. Gorgeous.

The chips were really nice and soft as well.

Next up was the curry sauce which I tried with the chips - you just can't beat chip shop curry sauce can you.

The curry sauce tasted like absolutely heaven - it's absolutely a joy.

Then it was time to try the peas.

I know that peas are peas but the fish shop peas are just beautiful.

And who doesn't love mushy peas?

The food at this fish and chips shop is fantastic and I'm not just saying that.

The food is just absolutely gorgeous.

The Sea Breeze Fish Bar in Dalton - it gets top marks from me it does.

It's cheap as well, it is a very affordable takeaway to get.

They have great portion sizes - with a good sized fish and lots of chips as well.

It is gorgeous, it really is. Absolutely gorgeous - what can I say.

I just can't praise Sea Breeze Fish Bar enough, it is absolutely fantastic.

Sea Breeze Fish Bar serves fresh fish and chips, sausage, pies, chicken burgers and more.

You can order online from Sea Breeze by visiting takeaway app and website Barrow Eats. They are open for orders between 3.30pm-7pm, seven days a week.

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