As the restrictions to the pandemic are progressively lifted in the UK, I think the Government should consider the following, over the next 12 months, to minimise the possibility of virus cross-country contamination.

1) The UK and other countries each adopt a separate holiday destination, restricting those who go there. The UK could adopt, say, Malta, Tenerife and Cyprus and only UK residents would be permitted to use those destinations. That way the country's economies and airlines would be supported.

2) As you spend at least two hours in an airport prior to flying, create airport testing stations where everyone has a lateral flow test scanned along with your passport, at the same time and as you pass through. Anyone testing positive will be recalled on the announcement system or when their passport is scanned before boarding. They would not be allowed to fly. This is in addition to any other testing rules already in place.

3) Each week or fortnight, alternate those going to the adopted country between those families vaccinated or those not vaccinated. This will give comfort to those concerned about flying in confined spaces.

Might be worth considering?

M Swindlehurst

Stanwix, Carlisle