AMBLESIDE Action for a Future is a network of local residents.

We believe in a prosperous, healthy and environmentally-friendly future for our town.

During the Covid pandemic, we have seen wonderful changes brought about by the massive reduction in traffic through Ambleside.

The lack of pollution and noise has given us clean air, more wildlife activity, and a chance to hear the birdsong.

Walking and cycling on quiet roads has been a pleasure.

We need to reduce traffic in normal times to preserve these positive changes.

The peace, tranquillity, clean air and lack of congestion would be an incentive for visitors to come.

Our community and businesses would prosper, and so would the environment.

We need incentives for people to leave their cars behind and to travel to and through the Lake District in a sustainable way.

We want to be part of a World Heritage Site that is worthy of the name.

Our vision is that by the summer of 2025 that the Lake District will be marketed as a world-class green destination, and tourism businesses would benefit.

Most visitors will either arrive by train, or will leave their cars at gateway car parks, and continue by public transport or other sustainable methods.

We are calling for urgent action from government, the National Park and Cumbria County Council.

We are also calling upon other communities to join us in a movement to bring about a sustainable future for the Lake District.

Ambleside Action for a Future