WHILE it's hard at the moment to envisage a post-coronavirus Barrow, it is encouraging at least that work is continuing behind-the-scenes on a vision for the town's future.

As you will see in our story on page five, seven ideas have been picked to go forward in a bid for government cash to radically transform the town over the coming years.

They include the long hoped-for plan for a marina village, which envisions high quality housing alongside leisure, cultural and retail offerings, a programme of events to boost tourism in the town, a new university campus, a network of local community resilience hubs for people to develop skills and confidence leading to more job opportunities, support for Barrow businesses and a transport system upgrade.

There will be further consultation with the public before the town's case goes before the government in an attempt to secure the money.

Views are welcomed on the shortlist and we encourage people to give them by going to the website brilliantbarrow.org.uk

It's also important to note that those proposals from the original list which did not make the shortlist will remain a part of the wider investment plan and will continue to be developed over a longer period of time.

Something to look forward to - and we certainly need it!