THERE has been some criticism of the messages being given out to the public from the authorities of late, with many finding certain pieces of advice confusing or contradictory.

But there can be no doubting the clarity of the words from chief inspector Ben Swinson when he says: “Whilst the world might have changed, the speed limits and traffic laws have not. The county’s roads are not a race track."

We concur with the police's stance on this. While the advice from government of late has allowed motorists to spend more time in their cars - controversially in some cases, to drive to areas to enjoy 'unlimited exercise' - this certainly does not give drivers carte blanche to bomb along at 140mph (see page 18).

The roads have been quieter of late due to more people staying at home. But this is no excuse for speeding.

The offending motorists may be getting excited because they think they can see a light at the end of the tunnel for a return to our cherished freedoms after the nightmare of coronavirus.

But they need to ponder this - a speeding motor vehicle can be a killer too.

Those who drive dangerously fast need to stop and think about the key worker heroes we have been celebrating over the past few months, and not allow their actions to cause serious injury and therefore place added strain upon the NHS.