There are some community issues that could be considered evergreen.

Even in these trying times, bins, potholes, and parking can be a huge nuisance if things start going wrong in a community.

Luckily, our local authorities have been excellent on recycling and refuse collection, and we should all be thankful for the bin crews and the wonderful job they're doing.

When it comes to parking, however, some local authorities have decided (whether rightly or wrongly) to essentially stop policing parking while the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

As we report on page 11 of today's The Mail, Cumbria County Council has done just that.

Councillor Keith Little, the council’s cabinet member for transport and highways, said: “The county council has suspended their on and off street parking enforcement. However, in accordance with government guidance, organised patrols and enforcement of particular areas may still take place as and when required if issues occur."

So while foot patrols may still take place, it is up to the community to self-police itself.

While it may be stressful having to work at a time like this, please don't take the lack of parking enforcement as an excuse to park anti-socially - there are some vulnerable people who struggle to navigate our streets as it is.