One of the wonderful things about Cumbria, and Cumbrians in general, is the warm and welcoming attitude of most (if not all!) of its inhabitants.

That welcoming nature is complimented by a common sense approach to equality - most people here believe in a no-nonsense, 'live and let live' policy.

Which is why it has been frustrating to see a small minority of people taking issue with the planned Islamic prayer centre in Dalton, for purely discriminatory reasons.

As revealed on page five, Barrow Borough Council's planning committee is expected to approve the plans, as recommended by council planning officials.

We won't repost them here, but previous coverage of this planning application has attracted comments ranging from conspiracy theorists to Islamophobes and outright racists.

Similar comments have appeared on articles covering Cumbria County Council's noble efforts to safeguard refugees from Syria.

This county has a wonderful heritage of tolerance, from housing refugees in World War Two to welcoming people all walks of life. It's time we showed that compassion once again.

So please, remember to live and let live - a little bit of that Cumbrian hospitality and tolerance can go a long way to making someone feel welcome.