Most of us lead quite stressful lives. Whether it's work, or relationships, or even just the weather - sometimes life can get on top of us and make us think: I really need a holiday.

So you browse the internet for exotic beaches and cultured cities, and when you come to check the prices, those of us with children discover that travel companies have us bent over a barrel.

They know that there are only six weeks in the year in which to take some much-needed time off, and they pump those prices sky high.

They know that local councils will fine parents who take children out of school without permission, and they're simply applying the law of supply and demand. As demand increases, and the supply is limited, the prices go up.

There are some parents, however, who realise that a £60 from the council is much less than the savings made on taking a term time holiday.

As The Mail reports on page 10, Cumbrian parents have spent £9,000 over the last two years on unauthorised absence fines.

But as tempting as it may be to take term time holidays - all you are doing is robbing Peter to pay Paul. You might make a nice little saving on your holiday, but you are robbing your children of an education during a time when they are most susceptible to growth and progress.

It's selfish and neglectful.