FOLLOWING her diagnosis with a rare type of blood cancer, Walney mum Stacy Woodhouse decided to literally walk through fire to help others fight the disease.

At a cold Craven Park on last night (Sunday November 12) Ms Woodhouse, 38, and a group of others were cheered on by dozens of well-wishers as they strode through the flames.

Through her daredevil exploits Ms Woodhouse has already raised more than £650 for Barrow cancer charity CancerCare.

Following her hot-foot march through the fire, Ms Woodhouse said: "It was quite exhilarating. It was better than I thought it was going to be. I did a skydive once and I wanted that to be more but this was good. You have to be pumped up to do it.

"We've raised a lot of money for CancerCare. About £650 on our JustGiving page."

After suffering back pain in September last year Ms Woodhouse underwent a biopsy which showed she had a type of cancer called solitary plasmacytoma.

She is waiting to see doctors in Manchester about having a bone marrow or stem cell transplant to try and fight her illness.

It was not just fire that Ms Woodhouse walked through. Earlier in the afternoon she and her brave companions navigated a path of broken glass in their bare feet.

She continued: "It was different. You don't feel anything at all like you were walking on something compressed. You don't feel like you were walking on glass."

Fire-walking company BLAZE, who put on the event, said the coals burn at 660C.

Ingrid Kent, marketing and communications manager for CancerCare said their organisation had already helped more than 100 people since they opened in Barrow earlier this year.

She said: "A lot of people struggle to get their life together after cancer. Whole families can struggle. But we will help everybody - there is no waiting list."

Operating from the Trinity Church Centre in Abbey Road a team of four councillors and two aromatherapists are on hand to help families going through cancer, bereavement, or other terminal illnesses.

Ms Woodhouse thanked the charity and urged others to seek its support.

She said: "If anyone has got cancer they need to go to CancerCare and get the help and support from them. Get treatment and get better."