A DECISION will be made tomorrow on whether the life of the much-maligned Kirkby Moor windfarm should be extended a further 10 years.

Local campaigners have long called for the removal of the turbines which dot the moor. They say an experiment started 25 years ago has run its course and that promises made to residents should be kept.

Rebecca Thomas, 46, of Netherhouses, near Ulverston, has spoken out on behalf of locals who after more than two decades, hope to see Kirkby Moor wind farm free.

She said: "In south Cumbria we contribute to green energy. We give an awful lot. We have the largest offshore windfarm off Walney. Offshore windfarms are more efficient and this is about giving people who run their B&Bs a chance to have their landscape back.

"I think it is highly significant that 11 out of 11 parishes locally have all objected. That speaks volumes for what local people say."

Mrs Thomas said the community was supportive of renewable energy but felt 25 years down the line, the windfarm had served its purpose.

When the matter was raised at a meeting of the Ulverston Town Council, the issue caused heated debate and split councillors across party lines. Support for the windfarm's renewal passed by a small margin of seven to six.

On Wednesday (5) members of the South Lakeland District Planning committee will meet in Ulverston on whether to allow, or refuse the extension of the wind farm until 2027.