A GROUP of Ulverston scouts climbed all the way to the moon.

The 2nd Ulverston Scout Group climbed to the Moon from the base of Hoad Hill in Ford Park, Ulverston.

The group of scouts, the largest in Cumbria, set out to climb 384,400 kilometres by trekking repeatedly up to The Hoad and back down again.

The seemingly impossible task was taken on by 71 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from the group.

Each climb counted as 1000 kilometres towards the total which meant that there had to be 384 separate ascents and descents of Hoad Hill.

Amanda Tizard, Cub leader and organiser of the event said: "The funding raised from the event will help us organise more exciting activities for our Scout group to do.

"We'll be able to take the kids rafting as we'll be putting the funds towards better gear for activities like that. Everyone loves water based activities so we're really looking forward to it."

Children involved in the event were in high spirits, they were all excited to see how far they could climb.

The Scout group had done a similar climb previously, where they had aimed to climb the equivalent distance as Mount Everest.

Will Parton, a member of the scout group, said: "It's going to be tiring, but we're excited. We climbed to the top of Mount Everest last time and it was tough.

"I'm excited to try to climb to the moon."

The event has received support from children, parents and the local council.

Councillor David Webster, Ulverston town councillor, said: "When I was asked by a parent to come and open the event I thought I just had to.

"It's such a great idea for an event and the children all seemed to enjoy every minute."

The group of Scouts may not have ended up standing on the Moon like Neil Armstrong, it's a hell of a long way to get there, but they all said they would give it their best effort.