Coronation Street fans have demanded that an entire family be written out of the show after years on our screens.

Viewers have come to love many families on the show with the Barlows and Connors receiving particular praise.

However, many have come to believe that the Nazirs have overstayed their welcome on the Manchester-based soap opera.

Coronation Street fans demand whole family is written out of ITV show

First introduced in 2013, the Nazirs have been involved in a number of huge Coronation Street storylines over the years.

Sair Khan, who plays Alya, is currently preparing to leave the ITV programme but many are now calling for the whole family to be written out.

Taking to a Digital Spy forum, one fan said: "Yasmeen and Stu could vanish tomorrow and nobody would even notice, both are incredibly boring characters!"

According to The Sun, they added: "Alya is wasted, she should return with a new family of her own in tow or not at all. The Nazir clan have run their course, they could easily be written out."

Another said: "You're not wrong. They're not the strongest family unit mainly due to Stu. Started off as interesting, but he really sucks the life out of them."

A third agreed, writing: "Yasmeen worked better as a single character altogether, but I don't know what else they could do with her."

However, other fans noted that the character of Alya is great with one viewer saying: "I hope she isn't away for long, she's one of the best things about the show right now."

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Another agreed, adding: "It's been idiotically written but she has been OK".

In recent episodes, Alya's intention to leave the cobbles for Dublin in Ireland has been a point of discussion for many weeks now.

This comes as the actress prepares to welcome her first child, sharing wonderful updates with fans on social media.